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Copterus Team
Dec 10, 2020
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Recently I have received tens of emails with this questions, so I put info here. TL;DR: Mini missions and Air2 will be supported with next update in few weeks. Mini 2 will not be supported in near future. In details: Mini, Air 2 and Spark do not support regular missions which are provided by DJI SDK. So there is only one way to make them autonomously fly from point to point - using virtual sticks interface. This interface lets the app emulate pilot’s joystick movement and fly your drone to a target waypoint. If RC connection is lost, the app is not able to control a drone, so offline missions are impossible. That’s the only disadvantage. I’m finishing with virtual sticks implementation and waiting for DJI SDK update with Air 2 support (estimate the 14 of December). So Mini missions and Air 2 support (also with missions) are going to be available in few weeks. Concerning Mini 2: DJI is not going to support it with their DJI SDK right now, so this drone won’t work with any other app but native DJI Fly. This is a reason to hit their support with such request ) I hope they will make it if they get a lot of questions about it.
Copterus Team
Sep 22, 2020
In Beta test
If you want to test the latest Copterus app version, please first install Apple's TestFlight app from the App Store and then follow this link to install Copterus beta app. Appreciate your feedback, bug reports or feature requests. Thank you!
Copterus Team
Sep 21, 2020
In Questions
We are constantly improving Copterus app to fit your needs. Please let us know if you came across a bug or unpredicted app behaviour. Thanks!
Copterus Team
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